Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

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Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

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9 ratings

They look and feel so great with the Procreate brush engine!

Forget about repetitive stamp-based watercolor brushes. We have taken the Procreate brush engine to the next level. You can now get beautiful responsive, pressure and tilt sensitive, super realistic brushes. Get unique strokes every time with ArtyStack's Watercolor Bundle.

  • All brushes are made for Procreate 5.
  • Super Realistic performance. The more pressure you apply, the lighter the pigment and brushstroke edges. The more moisture the brush, the greater the sensitiveness. Just like real watercolor!
  • High-Resolution brushes. They look great even on print quality canvas!
  • Reset brush button enabled to revert brush settings anytime.
  • Make many effects with the same brush. Press to bleed or soften. Tilt to degrade or draw edges... every brush perform in their own way, accordingly to how dry, moist or wet they are (brushes are named accordingly).
  • Variegated brushes. Select two swatches and create colored blends within the same brushstroke. 

This Bundle Contains

  • 250 High-Resolution Watercolor Brushes covering many traditional techniques and brush performance options.
  • Dry, Moist, Wet, Charged Wet and Diluted brushes. Every one of them behaves and blends in its own particular way.
  • Pressure Sensitivity. Every brush displays a particular, realistic look by varying the pressure, tilt and speed.
  • 9 Brush Set files (.brushset), for use on Procreate 5.
  • 8 brush Sets that cover 4 different grain textures and variegated brush versions.
  • 1 Extra Brush Set with splatters, bloomsbrush maskings and canvas textures.
  • User Guide (PDF).
  • Seamless, Clean & Fully Scalable brush grains.
  • Original shapes and grains.
  • Buy once, and get available updates forever!
  • Make great artworks with great brushes!

Select Your Set(s):

MINI: The Essential Pack for Watercolor Beginners. 1 Brush Set with 10 brushes. All you need to start digital watercolor! (variegated brushes not included)

ROUGH: The Basic 'Rough Grain' Brush Set! 1 Brush Set that includes:

  • 30 brushes with dry, moist, wet, charged wet and diluted performance. All with rough grain texture (variegated brushes not included).

ROUGH + XTRAS: The Basic with Additional Resources. 2 Brush Sets that include:

  • 30 Brushes with dry, moist, wet, charged wet and diluted performance. All with ROUGH grain texture (variegated brushes not included).
  • 1 Xtra Brush Set (10 brushes) with splatters, blooms, blending, masking and canvas textures.

FULL BUNDLE: The All-in-One Pro version! 9 Brush Sets that include:

  • 250 Brushes with dry, moist, wet, charged wet and diluted performance. 
  • 4 Regular Brush Sets with different grain textures: ROUGH, COLD PRESSED 1, COLD-PRESSED 2 and SMOOTH.
  • 4 Variegated Brush Sets that leverage color dynamics settings.
  • 1 Xtra Brush Set (10 brushes) with splatters, blooms, blending masking and blending brushes.

🌟100% Guarantee

We are intended to provide awesome products. If there is any problem and you are not satisfied with this resource within the first 7 days, we will solve, replace or fully refund your purchase. Conditions apply.

ArtyStack products are made by digital artists for digital artists. We are working on coming brushes, templates, tutorials and more creative stuff. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and let us know what else would you like to find out on the Store. 

I want this!

Watercolor Bundle for Procreate. The Full Bundle Includes:

A • Rough Brushes
AV • Rough Brushes Variegated
B • Cold Pressed Brushes
BV • Cold Pressed Brushes Variegated
C • Cold Pressed Brushes 2
CV • Cold Pressed Brushes 2 Variegated
D • Smooth Brushes
DV • Smooth Brushes Variegated
M • Mini Bundle (for Beginners)
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